CMC Transcript Request Form


Hello former and current CMC/LABI students, by clicking on one of the two links below you may request an official or unofficial transcript. Please note that in order to request an official transcript there must not be a pending balance on your account. In addition, you must pay a fee of $10.


Any information submitted through the transcript request forms is completely confidential. Only the Enrollment Manager will see the submitted information.


Transcripts for CMC students may take 3-5 business days. Transcripts for LABI students before 2010 may take 5-7 business days. *


Students requesting a transcript from Southern Arizona Bible College (SABC) must follow the same procedures as former LABI students.


Thank you
Enrollment Office


ATTENTION – LABI students from before 2010 must request an Official Transcript. LABI students from before 2010 will not be issued an Unofficial Transcript.**


*LABI student records are stored off site.

**The Enrollment Office will not issue Unofficial Transcripts for LABI students before 2010 because of the extensive nature required to retrieve these student records.