Edna Villarreal Memorial Library

The Edna Villarreal Memorial Library exists to provide students, faculty and staff at CMC with a collection of print and electronic materials for research and reflection; and instruction on the use of those materials and educational services in a comfortable learning environment.


The Library’s Goal

The goal is that the Edna Villarreal Memorial Library be the go to place for academic resources, instruction on the use of print and electronic resources; and a place to get help with research ministry development.

The Collection

All collection items are located inside the Edna Villarreal Memorial Library facility. Books are categorized as circulating, reference and reserve. Circulating items are located in the back section when entering the library, reference items are on the right and reserves are held at the library staff desk. All items are cataloged and shelved using the Dewey Decimal Classification System.

Computer lab access

Edna Villarreal Memorial Library offers access to technology to all enrolled students.


EVM Library has many copies of periodicals in their facility available to students!

Printing capabilities

Printing capabilities are available for all students to use for a small fee! 


information literacy

Library staff offers assistance and lectures through out the semester teaching best research practices

Hours of Operation

We are open to serve our student body and faculty!

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Library Catalog

Search our collection and place your book on hold!


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