Financial Aid at cmc

We are excited to announce that due to recent approval from the Department of Education, students of Christ Mission College are now eligible to apply for and receive Title IV Federal Financial Aid. This will make CMC significantly more affordable to our students who already benefit from greatly discounted tuition and fees.

Academic Qualifications for FSA

A student qualifies if he/she:
· Has a high school diploma (this can be from a foreign school if it is equivalent to a U.S. high school diploma.

· Has the recognized equivalent of a high school diploma, such as a general education development (GED) certificate
or other state-sanctioned test or diploma-equivalency certificate.

· Has completed homeschooling at the secondary level as defined by state law in the state which the student was

· Has completed secondary school education in a home-schooled setting which qualifies for an exemption from
compulsory attendance requirements under state law, if state law does not require a home-schooled student to
receive a credential for their education; or

· Has completed one of the ability-to-benefit (ATB) alternatives and is either currently enrolled in an eligible career
pathway program or first enrolled in an eligible postsecondary program prior to July 1, 2012.


“I’m grateful that I have no debt. I was able to graduate and be debt-free. This helped me to enroll as a missionary associate with peace, knowing that I didn’t owe anything”


Christ Mission College understands the utmost importance of fulfilling God’s call and pursuing His mission.

  • CMC’s tuition rates are about one-third of what many colleges charge.
  • CMC accepts Veteran’s Benefits and most Private Scholarships.
  • We offer financial aid in the form of internal scholarships, FSA Pel Grant, donor sponsorships, and through the CMC Campus Work Program. 
  • CMC offers deferred payment plans, so a student’s tuition, room, and board amount is not due in full at registration.