Student Life

Life on Campus



Every Tuesday our students are plugged into a discipleship group around campus. Students dive into the Word and get to share life with one another. Discipleship groups are held at 11am on the CMC Campus.

CMC has introduced me to a close discipleship that fells like home. Everyday, I feel assured that I can open up to my leaders and receive edifying words that will encourage me.

Misael Rodriguez

Discipleship groups at CMC create an environment that allows students to flourish. Through our weekly meetings our relationships with each other deepen and our knowledge of God’s Word increases.

Ruth Rodriguez

When I came to CMC I was seeking guidance. The discipleship process has given me that and more. It has helped me understand how to follow Christ on a daily basis and guide those around me. 

Aurelio Arias



Student Involvement

            Student Ministries

CMC’s primary objective is the equipping of individuals to enter worldwide Christian Service. Student Ministries compliments academics with essential practical training through personal ministry. 



           Church Involvement

CMC Students are plugged into a local San Antonio church every Wednesday and Sunday. Students receive one on one mentorship from experienced pastors and leaders.







Internships are a big part of CMC summers. Students get the opportunities to intern at a local church or organization around the United States.



Chapels are held every Monday-Friday at 11am at the Sunshine Ball Building. Students come together in Prayer and Worship and have the opportunity to hear from our President, staff members, and special guests. 

Student Service Staff

Rev. Reva Madsen

Vice President of Student Service




Rev. Giovanni Arreola

Administrative Assistant



Rev. Evelyn Arreola

Chapel, Worship & Discipleship Director



Mr. Eliezer Rojas

Men’s Dorm Pastor






Mr. Jose Ibarra

Assistant Resident Pastor





Ms. Ruth Rodriguez

Women’s Dorm Pastor 



Ms. Jessica Villa

Commuter Pastor




Rev. Henry & Cecilia Chavez

Missions Directors



Mr. Benjamin Carrasco

Student Council President





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