CMC Next Generation

CMC Next Generation Campaign

Calling all Alumni! If you know a young person looking to pursue a call of God through Biblical Higher Education, refer them to CMC today!

Prospective students who mention your referral when they apply for enrollment at CMC can receive a scholarship of up to $1000!

The prospective student must:
Complete the application process
Be accepted for admission
Register for and attend their first semester in the Fall 2021

The student would then be eligible to receive a scholarship in the amount of $500 which would be split into two payments of $500/per semester. These payments would be applied to the student’s account upon their successful completion of their first and second semesters. ($500 after completing the 2021 fall semester and $500 after completing the 2022 spring semester)

The Next Generation Student Referral Campaign does not apply to CMC students already enrolled.

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